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Our mission is to connect new artists of all kinds to believers who want to change the world by supporting genuine art.

“Make art - not war.”

Small tokens of appreciation go a long way in making a new artist feel supported and appreciated. That's why we are doing this. To bring investment opportunities closer to the people who actually matter the most! Aspiring artists get to be heard, while investors can be a part of something great and do some good in the world.

You help support and promote the arts. We help you discover new artistic talent! @cloutexhibition team manually vets and approves all artists listed in our Telegram bot and Bitclout feed to ensure that we avoid scammers, fake profiles, and other questionable accounts.

Our Telegram bot features artists’ bios, social networks’ links, portfolios, and everything else you need to learn more about them.

We created this non-profit project because we noticed that many unique artists start their Bitclout journey and get discouraged as it’s hard for them to get seen among the Whales.