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Ben Cura

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Argentine-born, British film, television and stage actor, writer, and director Ben Cura is known for his work on various film, TV and stage productions, incl. Netflix’s Marcella, feat. films Gun Shy, 15 Minutes of War, Gatecrash, and his award-winning directorial debut Creditors.

He will soon be releasing his debut E.P. Extended Play No.1. and later in the year, the original motion picture soundtrack for upcoming feature film Among The Beasts, directed by Matthew Newton (Who We Are Now).

Prior to the E.P. release, his debut single “Water” was released in April 2021. This will be followed by the second single “Toutes Les Couleurs” and third “Argento” to be released in May and June respectively.

Ben made an NFT version of “Water” and “Toutes Les Couleurs” which were listed on Foundation and sold earlier in April. An NFT version of “Argento” is currently listed, as well as an NFT 1/1 version of the E.P. itself.

Ben has sold other NFT pieces on Rarible and OpenSea. Collabs include providing music to a three-way collab with Chemical Messiah and Lucréce “the craft of dying” currently available on Rarible.

Early in May, Ben launched a series of unique 1/1 collectibles “N.E.O.N.s”, of which only 100 will be minted. The first wave of x25 N.E.O.N.s is nearly sold out, with under 5 remaining.

Ben created the N.E.O.N. Club, an exclusive Discord server unlocked to owners of N.E.O.N.s and of his NFTs. The Club is slowly growing, and focuses on building an exclusive, supportive, and focused group of artists, collectors, and friends, to support each other along the journey to defining the NFT art space.

Ben is based in London, England.

For more on Ben’s sold and available pieces, as well as the N.E.O.N. Club:

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