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GJART (pronounced jar-t) creates electronic music that revives and modernises the great synth sounds of the 80’s.

GJART was born in 2015, although in reality it was 30 years in the making. After two years of writing, in June 2017 GJART’s debut album Revelation was ready and released. It contains 10 instrumental tracks from synth-pop to EDM to trance to a chill-out ending.
Since then GJART has released two further albums, Canorous and Thieves & Dreamers along with several singles. These are more in the style of The Pet Shop Boys and early Depeche Mode. All have vocals.
GJART’s musical interests and influences are very wide; Ella Fitzgerald to Pink Floyd wide! What they all have in common is great melody and hooks, something GJART tries to emulate. Lyrics are also important to GJART and many cultural references or observations feature in them.

Here's what listeners have been saying about GJART on SoundCloud.

"This is a lovely ode to the electronic music from the 80's! Great work!", "Lovely chord sounds, great progressions...takes me back to the 80s", "Excellent sounds! Nice synth work!", "Wow, so unusual atmosphere. Like it", "Great beat, with a very nice retro touch".
GJART is based in Spain.


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