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nissim ouzan

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Nissim Ouzan was born in Los Angeles in 1992. He was raised in Calexico, a small  border town in South California. He became influenced and surrounded by art his whole childhood, due to a large art collection at home that his grandfather Arthur Selwick had collected.

In high school he became interested in street art and graffiti, this lead him to learning different techniques, and being influenced by a different genre of art and artists.

In 2015 he began using pixels in photography, in furtherer exploration of the pixel  in 2018 he began painting pixels and it became the main subject matter

The pixel is now used by him  to express his interpretation of the  existence of invasive qualities technology has on humanity. He has been exploring the idea of the digital world emerging itself with the physical world "Our physical life is now co-dependent with the use of technology causing a shift in collective conscious to look at life through a digital lens." With the use of the pixel throughout his body of work he communicates to his audience that  the use of technology causes us to leave a digital footprint behind with every action we take through our social media networks , mobile applications, and other "smart" devices. The hand painted pixels represent the trace technology has left within and around us.

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