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Hello, I'm Jay and I'm an artist, illustrator, musician and all-round creative Dad from Colne in Lancashire. I'm also a member of The Association Of Illustrators. 

In the last 25 years I've performed sessions on Radio 1, featured on TV, worked with a bunch of famous artists and released numerous singles, albums and music videos. 

I've been drawing, illustrating and creating for a similar amount of time and it's a huge passion of mine. 

I turned my hand to publicly displaying my illustrations in 2020.

I have two published colouring journals for children called Squibbles & Squibbles 2 and a children's book called Meet The Squibbles, which is a book introducing some of the colourful and friendly characters from their home of Squibblesville.

My most recent illustration commission was for international artist ‘Lanksy’ who wrote a story called Life O’ Pie. It’s a magazine created to combat loneliness and isolation in East Lancashire.

I create NFT art aimed at children and sell my work on the OpenSea platform. 

I love making people smile with my illustrations and characters, the feedback from my work is always positive and I look forward to working with new people on uplifting projects.

Rainbows and love make the world go around. X

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